VSDClient is a library providing a client to the REST interface provided by the SMIR)

The vision of the project is to provide an environment where :

  • The VSD concepts, such as Objects, Folders, Links, Modalities, Ontologies, etc.. are implemented in classes against which the user can program and script
  • The set of JSON serialization/deserialization protocols allowing to communicate with the VSD REST interface are already implemented and allow to retrieve and push the classes mentioned above

  • Recurrent tasks such as uploading a Dicom directory, downloading a folder, creating object links etc.. are already implemented in an intuitive manner.

The VSDClient is intended to be used as a Software library to be included in the user's software project.

Although the library is written in Scala (which of course makes it accessible to Scala projects), it is compatible with any JVM-based language, and can notably be used from wihtin Java projects.

API Documentation

The latest project API doc

Using VSDClient

To use VSDClient in your own project, you can either : add the following lines to your build.sbt

libraryDependencies  ++= Seq(
            // other dependencies here
            "ch.unibas.cs.gravis" %% "vsdclient" % "0.2.+"

Quick Start :

Please read the README on github