• Available for published objects
  • The DOI valid immediately and active withing 2 days.
  • 10.22016/smir.o.SMIR-ID, eg 10.22016/smir.o.217896


A DOI identifies an object permanently, even if the object changes its location, its owner or other characteristics. The DOI does this through redirection, using the Handle system.

The DOI enables the citability data object stored on SMIR. This permanent identifier (URL) takes the user to the current version of the relevant web page. The DOI's and meta data are registered with DataCite and are available for search.

Driven By DOI Logo


DOI name is made up of a DOI prefix and a DOI suffix separated by a forward slash

  • Prefix for SMIR is 10.22016
  • Suffix for SMIR object smir.o.SMIR-ID (ID of the object)

The DOI name can be resolved using the DOI Lookup or by prefixing to the DOI name.

A correct DOI link looks like this and resolves to the SMIR object with ID 217900.


  • The object's metadata will be publicly accessible.
  • The DOI creation is irreversible and cannot be deleted.
  • The DOI registration can take up to 48 hours (until the DOI is active)

Creating a DOI does not affect download permission. You only expose the meta-data (Details page) to the public.


A creatd DOI button is visible for all published objects. Use it to request a DOI.

Create DOI Button

You have to confirm the DOI generation in the modal


After you confirm the request:

  1. SMIR creates a valid DOI. Visible in the File Information Section.
  2. SMIR exposed the DOI and meta data to the Registration Agency (ETH Zurich)
  3. The Registration Agency collects the data and registers the DOI with DataCite
  4. The DOI is active

Example DOI at DataCite Search

Example DOI entry at DataCite Search