ISLES Challenge


Please visit the homepage of ISLES Challenge for information and contacts, detail about the evaluation, and data collection


We kindly request you to cite the appropriate references when using ISLES material.


Maier, Oskar et al. “ISLES 2015 - A Public Evaluation Benchmark for Ischemic Stroke Lesion Segmentation from Multispectral MRI.” Medical image analysis 35 (2017): 250–269. PMC. Web. 25 Jan. 2018. doi: 10.1016/

And here for SMIR:

Kistler et. al, The virtual skeleton database: an open access repository for biomedical research and collaboration. JMIR, 2013 doi: 10.2196/jmir.2930


As of 29.01.2018 the Tables of results for the testing sets will update automatically every week (effectively every Monday 00:00 UTC).

This change reflects our motivation to minimize chances of model overtraining to the testing set, which we remarked was possible before due to the instant ranking of segmentation uploads. We hope that this will ensure a better comparison of your developments and reporting to the literature.

The training table remains the same: you can upload and automatically get metrics/ranking values.

ISLES 2016 users: We invite you to switch to the richer dataset ISLES 2017, as this is an expanded and enriched dataset from ISLES 2016 for prediction of lesion outcome.

The ISLES 2015 for both sub-acute ischemic stroke lesion (SISS), and stroke penumbra estimation (SPES) are still up and running, and are recommended benchmarks for these tasks.