Chapter 5


Passwords change

Change You can change your password MY SMIR >> Settings

Password recovery

Recovery You can use the reset password function to reset a lost password.

Recovery email

You can also set a custom recovery email which is different from the registration email.

Go to My SMIR >> Settings and enter the alternative email address.

You will receive the email with the recovery instruction to the registration email address and the recovery email address

Password policy

  • Length must be between 8 and 12 characters
  • It must contain 1 number (0-9)
  • It must contain 1 lower case character
  • It must contain 1 upper case character
  • It must contain 1 special character (?}{$-.,;:!][)

Register an Research Unit

A registration form is used for a research unit to apply for the membership in the SMIR community. This membership allows members of the enrolled research unit to become a User on the SMIR Web-Portal and to use the resources within defined rules and regulations. This form is part of the registration procedure for the SMIR community including the SMIR Web-Portal.

Steps to complete

  1. Fill out the application form on the registration page: go the registration page
  2. The SMIR administration checks the application and rejects or accepts the request and creates the administration account for the research unit
  3. Members of the Research Unit register on the SMIR Web-Portal
  4. The research unit's administrator receives the registration requests of their members and has to commit their membership to activate their account

How can i register with an existing Research Unit

Registration procedure


  1. You are a member of a Research Unit (Institute, University, Lab etc.)
  2. Your Research Unit is already registered on the SMIR
  3. You have a valid email address
  • if your Research Unit is not registered: [read above in this FAQ]
  • if you only want to apply for a challenge: read this Challenges FAQ


  1. You can register on this page: Registration
  2. Fill all fields carefully Select your Research Unit from the drop-down menu
  3. Confirm and send your registration request to the Administrator of your Research Unit by accepting the agreement and submit your application using the Register button
  4. The Research Unit Administrator will receive an email which inform him about your request to join his Reserach Unit
  5. Once the Administrator has accepted your request you will receive a Email with your credentials for SMIR

I can't login to my account

Locked account

  • Description: After 5 failed login atemps, your account will be locked for 10 minutes
  • Solution: You can try again after waiting 10 minutes

Disabled account

  • Description: In case of missbehavior or similar reasons, the SMIR team can disable account.
  • Solution: Contact us through using our ticket system

Invalid credentials

I have received an email with the subject "SMIR registration pending"

The email informs you that a user requested to be part of a research unit/group where you are the research unit administrator. This request is pending until you login to your SMIR account and accept/reject the user

See also

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The Java uploader is not starting

Java console:

  1. windows start button
  2. search for java configuration
  3. security tab
  4. add: java1 java2

Browser Warning:

java3 java4

Research unit administrator

The research unit administrator is a special member of a reserach unit.

  • He is responible for the userss in a research unit on theSMIR.
  • He can accept new user / grant access of users to his research unit

How do I accept a user's request to join the research unit I administer

  • Login to your SMIR account
  • Go to My SMIR -> Group Administration
  • Accept or reject a user using the respective buttons