Collection is a special object type. You do not upload data, you generate it on the web. It is a collection of other objects presented with a description, contact information etc.. The collection object generates internally two files which can be downloaded.

  • a markdown (.md) file with the description
  • a comma separated list (.txt) holding the contained objects

Create a collection

A folder is the base for a collection. Navigate to the desired folder and select Create collection from the Action menue of the folder.Create collection

The all contained objects are included in the collection automatically.

Provide description

The description is prefilled with template text and is intended as a starting point. You can edit the content to you likings.


You can use the preview image URL or any other external URL

  1. Upload a preview image
  2. Open the preview image after upload
  3. Right click on the image in the popup and select Copy Image Location‚Äč
  4. Add this code where you want to display the image



  ![Image Caption][image]`
  ... content

Provide information

Fill the File information section

  • Title: Title of the collection
  • Contact name: Full name
  • Contact email: valid email address
  • Description
  • Anatomical region


Use the Publish button to publish the collection.

Create DOI

After publishing, the Create DOI button is available. For more information please read the DOI section

Create DOI Button

Create DOI for objects

You can generate DOI for a single or multiple included objects.

Create DOI for objects

Modifiy a collection

You can add single objects or folder content to a collection using the Add objects/folder button

add objects or folder to collection

Adding objects

You can add indivdual object using their SMIR-ID to the collection

add objects modal

Adding folders

Add folder modal



Download collection

You do only download the collection object, not the contained data objects.

You get a zip with these files:

  •, the description
  • SMIR.XX.XX.ID.txt, list of contained objects
  • License.txt, the license
  • SMIR.XX.XX.ID.json, the meta-data

    If you want to download data object read the next section


You can download individual, multiple object or all objects from the list.

  • mark the objects to download using the checkboxes and download it using the Download selected button
  • Download all to download the all objects of the collection

Download objects