Research Unit

Research Units are the organisational units on SMIR. They are administrated by a Research Unit Administrator. Members of a Research Unit have access to a shared group folder. Every registered user is member of a least one Research Unit but can be part of multiple Research Units.

Research Unit Administrator

The duties of a Research Unit Administrator are to accept or reject join requests.

Accept or reject join requests

Everytime a user would like to join your Research Unit an email will be sent to inform you. This request is pending until you login to your SMIR account and accept or reject the user.

  1. Login to your SMIR account.
  2. MySMIR > Group Administration
  3. Accept or reject the user.

Research Unit Registration

At the moment, we only process request for

  • Data sharing collaborations projects
  • Data collection publications
  1. The research unit administrator has to be registered on If you do not have an account on SMIR, please continue with the description in the user registration section. After registration, the SMIR administrator will accept your request and sets you as Research Unit Administrator

  2. Fill the online registration form, selectRegister Research Unit from the Help Topic dropdown menu . Make sure to accurately fill the fields, including an accessable website. If you fail to do so your request will not be processed.

  3. Wait for the SMIR administrator to check your submission and to setup your Research Unit. This is a manual process and can take up to 7 days. smir-registration-ru

  4. You will receive an email once the Research Unit has been created.

  5. The SMIR administrator sets you as Research Unit Administrator of this group. But your are not a member of the group automatically. To join your group, please follow the instruction in the join a research unit.


Join a Research Unit

  1. Login
  2. Go to MySMIR > Group Administration: Research Unit Membership
  3. In the Research Unit Membership section click on the Join another Research Unit button and select the Research Unit from the drop-down menu


  4. Press join to send the join request to the administrator of the Research Unit
  5. Allow up to 7 days for the request to be processed by the administrator.

Request Research Unit deletion

Please use the ticket system to request a Research Unit deletion. Only Research Unit Administrators can request deletion of their Research Unit.

User administration

  1. Login
  2. Go to MySMIR > Group Administration: Research Unit Administration
    1. You find a list of Research Units you administer and open request
    2. And the list of Research Units members: Click on History v