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  • use # to search for SMIR-ID. You can add multiple to display all of them #1402 #1502 #1604
  • use @ to search for anatomical regions @Brain

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Modular search

You can execute simple or more advanced (combined) search queries with the modular search. It is available in lists views (Browse, MyData, Folders)

modular search

The modular search uses the triples concept. These triples can be combined using the logical operators AND, OR. Triples consist of a subject, a predicate and the object/value. On SMIR, subjects and predicates are predefinded lists while the object/value is an autocomplete field.

  1. Subject: Type (), Object I, Subject ID, Anatomical Region
  2. Predicates: =, !=, >, <, >=, <=
  3. Object/value: Autocomplete form (start typing to see the options)

Example 1: Type, search for segmentations

`(Type = 'Segmentation Image')

search segmentations

Example 2: Anatomy, search for objects containg the brain

(Anatomical Region = 'Brain')

search brain


Search for Raw Images and for segmentation images with and SMIR-ID greater than 20.

(Type = 'Raw Image' OR (Type = 'Segmentation Image' AND Object Id > '20'))

search complex