There are two options to choose from. HTML5 uploader is recommended!

  1. HTML5 uploader (best)
  2. Standard uploader (alternative)

HTML5 uploader


  • Can handle large files (unlimited file size)
  • Drag n drop or file picker
  • Upload directories
  • Displays the local directory tree structure
  • Change the name of the file (original file name on smir) and/or folder path
  • Preprocessing: Check if a file is already in the system (does not upload twice) and returns the existing object.
  • Save upload result to file.


  1. Drag or click on the blue area to add files/folder to the upload queue
  2. Review your queue and change file names or folder path if required
  3. Check or uncheck Preprocessing.
  4. Pressing Start will trigger the upload process
  5. After upload, use Export to save the upload results (SMIR objects)

Standard uploader

use this uploader if you experience problems with the HTML5 uploader or if you are using a browser that does not support HTML5.


  • file picking, add multiple files
  • cannot upload directories
  • Can only upload files smaller than 500 MB
  • Works on older browser